«Irish Migration Studies in Latin America» Volume 7, Number 4 (November 2011)

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Volume 7, Number 4 (November 2011)

The Missionary Experience in Ireland, Latin America and the  Caribbean: Connections, Influences, and Reflections

Editor: Clíona Murphy,California State UniversityBakersfield.

Editorial Team

Clíona Murphy, Editor-in-Chief

John Kennedy, Editorial Consultant

Rubén Héctor Robledo Molloy, Production Editor

Associate Editors

Dennise Bentle, Michael Gutierrez, Matthew McCoy

Book Review Editor

CarolinaAmador Moreno


  • Introduction Clíona Murphy
  • A Historical Survey of Irish Missionary Activity in Latin America  Séamus O’Fógartaigh
  • The Activity of Irish Priests in the West Indies: 1638-1669 Matteo Binasco
  • Susan Beamish-Strachan: From Cork to Costa Rica (1874-1950) Conrad Hicks
  • Mission in Pinochet’s Chile: A Memoir Alo Connaughton
  • The «Assassinated» Voice of the Pallotines (Buenos Aires, 1976) Pablo Cid
  • Transnational Religions: The Brazilians in Ireland Garret Maher
  • Liberation Theology: A Catalyst for Social Change in Ireland and Latin America Séamus O’Fógartaigh

Non-thematic article

  • Irish Immigrants in Peru in the Nineteenth Century by Gabriela McEvoy

Book Reviews

  • Natalie Zacek, Settler Society in the English Leeward Islands, 1670-1776, by Nini Rodgers
  • Leonard O’Brien, Children of the Sun: The Cork Mission to South America, by Gabriela McEvoy
  • Mario Vargas Llosa, El Sueño del Celta, by David Barnwell

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