HoST Journal of History of Science and Technology. Vol. 5, Spring 2012

Editorial note. By Ana Carneiro


Introduction: Moved Natural Objects «Spaces in Between». By Marianne Klemun

Seeds of Knowledge. By Annalisa Managlia, Umberto Mossetti, Ariane Dröscher

Live plants on the way: ship, island, botanical garden, paradise and container as systemic flexible connected spaces in between. By Marianne Klemun

Packing techniques and political obedience as scientific issues: 18th-century medicinal balsams, gums and resins from the Indies to Madrid. By Marcelo Fabián Figueroa

Metamorphosis between field and museum: collections in the making. By Kurt Schmutzer

Making objects move: On minerals and their dealers in 19th century Germany. By Bernhard Fritscher


Maria M. Portuondo, Secret Science: Spanish Cosmography and the New World. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2009, 360 pp. ISBN: 978-0226675343. By Antonio Sánchez

Natalie Pigeard-Micault, Charles-Adolphe Wurtz : Un savant dans la tourmente: entre bouleversements politiques et revendications féministes. Paris: Éditions Hermann, 2011. 170 pp. ISBN 978 2 7056 8076 3. By Bernardo Herold

Johan Schot, Harry Lintsen, Arie Rip, eds. Technology and The Making of the Netherlands: The Age of Contested Modernization, 1880-1970. Zutphen/Cambridge MA: Walburg Press/The MIT Press, 2010. 635 pp. ISBN 978-90-5730-630-3; 978-0-262-01362-8. By Maria Paula Diogo



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